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Liliane Akiki

Laughter Yoga Therapist

Liliane Akiki is a Physiotherapy consultant and instructor, Health management specialist and the First Laughter Therapist in Lebanon & the Middle East. Through the 18 years of her career, and during her work in different situations, cultures and countries of the Middle East and Europe and under stressful conditions, Liliane was always interested not only in making people recover from their injuries, but doing so with a tremendous mutual smile because her greatest credence is that happiness is the best way to cure the daily life intruding glitches. Thus, Paris was her destination to learn about laughter Yoga, so she got certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader from “L’école Française du RIRE” which is affiliated to Dr. Madan Kataria’s International Laughter Yoga school. Then back in 2009 she founded and launched the Laughter Yoga concept in Lebanon and was ever since the pioneer in diffusing Laughter as a remedy for all ages.
Liliane’s Laughter vibes were dispersed among the media as she was hosted by different national & regional famous TV programs, interviewed by Radio FM channels, journals and Newspapers as well as invited lecturer at workshops within many corporate or social events and organized program sessions at various businesses, companies and organizations.