Learn Something New

About Us


The Company:

Purple Pineapple Pot is a platform offering various activities for kids and adults. Our activities are delivered in an original, entertaining and informative way that fulfills all your interests. The activities cover a wide range of entertainment to anyone and everyone who wants to add something new to their life. Whether it is a skill, hobby, activity or just extra information for everyday use, we are here to provide you with something new.


The Team:

Purple Pineapple Pot is composed of a variety of people, who work hand in hand to offer the best quality of entertainment and fun. The backbone of this company starts with the organization, efficiency and hard work of the managers. They spread around looking for the best instructors, who are experts in their fields, familiar with the active learning approach and are able to give the right message. Our instructors are the brains of this company and together with the help of our bright and energetic student ambassadors, their only target is to deliver vivid and useful knowledge to you. The ambassadors are your “go to” people, they are there to make sure that your experiences with Purple Pineapple Pot are memorable and exciting.  They will be shooting videos and photos of the sessions to capture these wonderful adventures, so we hope nobody is camera shy. To sum it up, each one of us in his/her own unique way, will make sure you participate in unforgettable workshops.