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1 Nov 2023 - 1 Jan 2024
Le Lilas Flower Lounge – Achrafieh
12:00 am till 12:00 am

Ticket Price: FREE

Organizer: Sandy Nasrallah
Organizer Number: 03-670785
Organizer Email: admin@purplepineapplepot.com

Thank you for considering Purple Pineapple Pot for your BEACH CLEAN UP


Together with your children let us actively participate in a Beach Clean Up event with a twist

In this activity, we will turn beach cleaning into a treasure hunt! Kids will be asked to collect seashells, however with every seashell they pick up, they need to find a piece of trash. Once a certain number of shells is collected, we will reward them with a small gift . This way the activity will ransform beach cleaning from a chore into a playful adventure that teaches them the significance of their actions.

In this activity we will also cover and explain to our little ones how these debris will affect the environment and the marine life

Bag and gloves will be available.

  • Location: Public Beach
  • Time : Saturday from 10:00 – 1: 00 PM
  • Price: 20$ per kid including refreshments
  • Minimum number of participants required : 6

Contact us on 03-670785 for reservation 48 hours in advance to schedule your activity’s date and time at your convenience.


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