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Roy Achkar

Salsa instructor

Roy Achkar, one of the most renowned salsa instructors in Lebanon. He teaches mainly at Lebanon Dance Academy (LDA), as well as other clubs, universities and schools. His pre-salsa dance formation and backgrounds add an interesting flavor to his dancing. Roy was originally a Latin and Ballroom dancer before discovering his Passion and Love for Salsa. He is loved for his friendly personality and great teaching skills. As a dancer, Roy is famous for his charisma and wonderful energy on the dance floor as well as his creativity and unique musicality! He has attended several Salsa workshops around the world, such as the UK, Italy, Greece…Etc. and has taught in several festivals such as Turkey Dance Festival 2009 (Istanbul), the 2nd Turkey Salsa Festival 2010 (Antalya), the 6th, 8th and 9th Cyprus Salsa Festival 2010 and has performed in several Salsa congresses and events abroad, such as Cyprus, Turkey, Jordan…Etc.