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Petra Abinader

Fitness Expert

Petra Abinader is a Fitness Expert, Fitness Specialist, Fitness consultant,   moved  to Lebanon after spending 10 years in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She began her Career in Miami, Florida as a Group Ex Fitness Instructor back in June of 2000. She than expanded her Fitness career and education by moving to Las Vegas in 2001 and resided there for 10 years.

Petra Abinader is qualified to teach a variety of Fitness classes like Body Sculpt, KickBoxing, Power Rebounding, TRX suspension training, Yoga, Stretching, Pilates, Personnal Training, ZUMBA and many more.

Her mission is : “To help increase the quality of everyone’s life through health and Fitness”.

She gained as much education and experience in the fitness world abroad  and wished to share it with her community which pushed Petra Abinader into moving back and residing in her native country of Lebanon in 2011.

In May of 2011, Petra Abinader opened her own Fitness Studio in Kalsik/Sarba called : “Fusion Fitness”.