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Paragliding Course & Tandem Flight

1 May 2018 - 30 Dec 2018
10:00 am till 5:00 pm

Ticket Price: 245 USD

Instructors: Alain Gabriel (Click for Bio)

Have you ever dreamt about flying like a bird and getting a picturesque view of the world?

Have you ever wished to discover the art of handling the paraglider?

This introductory course will offer you the opportunity to experience the freedom of flight on the thermal wind pattern beneath you and learn how to launch and land the paraglider, which is perfect for anyone looking for a hands-on experience of a lifetime!

  • You will be introduced to the material (Glide, lines , Risers, Harness…)
  • Two hours of ground handling of the glide
  • You will experience the Tandem Flight with your instructor,during which further explanations will take place

Your experience will be recorded onto a video so that you remember your paragliding flight and share it with friends and family.

What to wear :

  • Jeans or tracksuits
  • Running or hiking shoes
  • A sweatshirt is recommended if the weather is a bit chilly (A Jacket is necessary during winter season)

PS: Contact us on 03670785 for reservation 48 hours in advance to schedule your activity date and time at your convenience.


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